Net Zero Enterprises with over 200 projects successfully built on time on budget, will be the leading Global Cleantech Energy Corporation utilizing the block chain and open ledger smart contracts









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NetZero is primed to become a leading clean-tech asset developer maximising profitability by using its closed loop cluster model built on open ledger smart contracts.

NetZero has several high value projects in the pipeline and is ready to scale these up to achieve maximum asset potential within its eco-green portfolio.

Unlike virtually all other crypto currencies the NETZ ICO will be an Asset based currency and the proceeds from the ICO will be

directly deployed into shovel ready, risk mitigated Power Plant Assets within Clean Tech/Waste to Energy and therefore start to generate both ongoing dividends and a x4 multiple in Asset Value increase per project from its build out cost.

This will create a hard asset backed increase in the value of the NETZ Currency and the price of the NETZ currency will therefore increase as new projects are launched, creating an even stronger asset value base.

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NetZero Cluster model

Our cluster model groups the inputs and outputs of various synergistic and proven technologies within a closed-loop system, achieving sustainable, waste-efficient products. The main benefits from utilizing a cluster model include bridging revenue streams for profitability, mitigating risk, and creating additional environmental benefits.

Risk Mitigation Built In

NetZero Enterprises with it's extensive track record of over 200 capital intensive project developments, risk mitigation and value maximization of their assets developments utilizes a proprietary model (FELP Front End Loading Process) for their risk mitigating and structuring of projects to ensure that each of their projects carry seamless and holistic project insurances from the Construction, Commissioning and the Operations phases of each project which ensures that the projects are being delivered on time, within budget and reaches the targeted performance criterias forecasted per the Pro Formas.

NZE does this through both specific FELP methodologies, but most importantly by transferring the various project risks onto 3rd party AAA rated insurance carriers to ensure that all identified project risks carry specific AAA rated policies, which can be collected against should any of NZE’s projects experience issues during their deployment or operations. Examples of the FELP and the AAA rated coverages/structures in place for each project includes: 

  • Technology manufacturer guarantees the performance/nameplate capacity of each commercially proven technology included in the projects.
  • AAA rated insurance carriers coverages to ensure that there are no budget overruns and that the performance is guaranteed per the nameplate capacities.
  • Insurance on revenue streams and operations via business interruption coverages. 
  • NZE EPC GMAX agreements
  • AAA rated Surety bonds/Plant Performance
  • Feedstock and Off take agreements are in place with investment grade counter parties which are also protected by Feedstock and Off Take interruption insurances.  
  • Builders Risk and Liability Coverages
  • Political Risk Coverages which protects the projects from potential Nationalizations/Coup de Etats and other Political risks affecting the project revenues/returns
  • Environmental risk disasters or weather related damages
  • Workers Comp, General Liability Insurances
  • Property and Project Umbrella Insurances

The above are some examples of various coverages that AON Insurances who is Net Zero Enterprises Broker of Record makes sure are included for each project to insure against any potential risks that could affect the project execution and as a result project investors returns. 

In reference to the Road map, all projects in the pipeline has growth potential by themselves and also additional already identified projects in the same cities/countries. The projects ranges from unlevered IRR's from 30-70%, depending on country and how far they have expanded. Our previous projects has come in on budget, time and projected performance thanks to our model and relationship with AON. We only work (same for these projects) with commercially proven technologies, to avoid any surprises and also to be able to obtain the performance guarantees needed to ensure the results we project in our Pro Formas. What we have seen is that the projects most of the time end up performing better that expected, since the various providers, manufacturers and insurance companies guarantees nameplate capacity and dimensions their part of the plant for 20% overcapacity this makes them comfortable to guarantee nameplate capacity.  The feedstock and offtakes are Government guaranteed and hence all sides of the equation are locked in and guarantees the Pro Forma returns. All of this typically result in that the performance and results end up being higher than our expected outcomes. 

Investing in smart, sustainable solutions and growth

The environmental issues that threaten the world today will have a significant impact on our future.

The decisions we make today influence the ultimate outcome.

That is the driving ethos behind our investment strategies that has led us to develop our cluster model of synergised clean tech solutions

Net Zero Enterprises has developed a proven strategy that not only maximizes utility of Cleantech solutions, it creates new streams of revenue, minimizes risk and generates profitable returns to their shareholders. NZE has created a Cluster Model that focuses on integrating multiple technologies within a closed-loop system. By bringing several sustainable technologies together in one physical location, the Net Zero Cluster Model aims to produce greater efficiencies with less risk. This is a more sustainable approach to proven modern technologies such as vertical farming, solar fields, waste to energy, and water treatment.

Within the clean technology space, cluster models represent a grouping of businesses, technologies, or resources that flow from one to another in a synergistic, sustainable manner. These groupings are physically located together to facilitate the movement of resources from one technology to another in a cyclic relationship, converting by product into a consumable resource to power a facility. In short, NZE has the technology in place that not only enables multiple Cleantech Solutions to continuously power one another, but works in a synergistic manner in which the output is much greater than the sum of the input. This process creates a net zero carbon impact on the environment while generating a significant positive financial return.

Net Zero’s Offering


Private Equity or Institutional Investors looking for:
  • Low risk profile investments
  • Reoccurring dividends
  • Impact investments
  • Multiples on Enterprise Value
  • Project multiple increase x3 to x7 from CAPEX/project
Governments, Municipalities, Cities and Corporations that need a reliable source of sustainable energy, fuel, food, water and/or solutions created by waste, water, food shortage, sustainable housing

Net Zero Enterprises develops projects/assets that:
  • Solves several of the global problems related to Waste, Water, Fuel, Energy, Food and Housing.
  • That utilize waste as a value, solving waste problems, converting waste into energy, water and other value streams.
  • Treating and creating potable water.
  • Low cost and reliable organic protein and greens source production through self sustained food.
  • Creating sustainable housing and regenerative cities.
  • Combine proven technologies and solutions to create multiple revenue streams for a very profitable total solution and investment from a cash flow and Enterprise Value increase perspective.



The World is facing severe challenges within:
  • Waste/Sewage Treatment
  • Water (Potable and Irrigation)
  • Food (Reliable and sustainable source to high quality organic protein and greens)
  • Sustainable Housing
  • Energy/Fuels (w/ Net Zero footprint)
Investments into sustainable projects has previously generated very low returns. With our model, these investments are now generating higher returns than traditional oil & gas and power plants. Investments are now also removed from risk, while generating both strong continuous cash flow and large enterprise values.

  • We combine several commercially proven technologies into systems that are based on circular economy with multiple revenue streams.
  • Every component from technology to partners are scrutinized to pass our own and our AA+ insurance carriers due diligence, so that all risks can be fully underwritten and risks are transferred to the carrier.
  • We secure contracts that ensures technology/manufacturers performance, guaranteed max price to deliver that performance on time. We further establish credit worthy off take agreements, feedstock agreements and guarantees for revenue and profitability before we even start a project.
  • Strong track record by delivering this structure in over 100 previous projects.



Name Start Initial Cash Full Cash EBITDA and Free Cash Value
Pyrolysis 1 March 2018 July 2018 September 2018 $6.15M $56M
Pyrolysis 2 April 2018 August 2018 October 2018 $6.15M $56M
Waste to Energy 1 June 2018 November 2018 September 2019 $35M $320M
Waste to Energy 2 November 2018 February 2019 January 2020 $32M $300M
Coal to Liquid 3 October 2018 February 2019 October 2019 $26M $235M
Pyrolysis 3-6 October 2018 January 2019 March 2019 $25M $230M
Waste to Energy 4 January 2019 April 2019 March 2020 $37M $340M
Name Start End EBITDA and Free Cash Value
Aqualife 1 August 2018 October 2019 $11.5M $105M
Aqualife 2 January 2019 March 2020 $18.5M $168M

Initial phase of projects will generate an asset value of $1.81 billion and $203M in yearly dividend/cash flow. 50% is intended to be reinvested and therefor both the asset value and the free cash flow will increase with 50% every year. Which means the following, Cash flow will start 4 months after the initial capital injection. Estimated asset value in 2018 is +$500M with a cash flow of $55M.

2019: The cash flow is estimated to reach $125M.

Year Asset Value Cash Flow
2020 $1.81B $203M
2021 $2.72B $305B
2022 $4.08B $457M
2023 $6.12B $686M
2024 $9.18B $1.03B


NetZero commits to buy back Tokens with an additional Premium.

Year Token Value + %
1st Year Token Value + 15%
2nd Year Token Value + 35%
3rd Year Token Value + 65%
4th Year Token Value + 85%
5th Year Token Value + 100%

Funding Allocations









Token distribution:

100% of tokens are made available to the public with no restrictions.

NetZero Portfolio

Waste to energy

landfills contain unsorted waste and toxins that are difficult to process into a usable resource. Netzero uses synergistic technologies that convert waste into biofuels, energy, water, and other valuable material (silica, aluminum, gold, and other precious elements). This reduces the possibility of toxic substances contaminating our water supply. In addition, it also helps protect soil, air quality, and the transmission of infectious diseases.

Biogas and electricity

Converting most of an organic waste stream into methane-rich biogas is completed through a patented and robust process, which happens to be the most efficient biocatalytic anaerobic digestion (AD) process available in the world today.


The NPK-specific organic fertilizer by-product of IWECS is of a higher quality than any of today’s fertilizers; it is renewable and highly bioavailable, unlike commercial fertilizers, yet is almost odorless and high in nutrient content, unlike most other fertilizer products.

Green Fuel

Many of the plastics and tires that are sorted from the MSW can be converted back into a valuable green fuel. This fuel can be used to run diesel engines, furnaces, or boilers.

Clean Water

In addition to converting food and agricultural wastes, MSW, and sewage into valuable “green” energy products, organic fertilizer, and recovering clean water, the IWECS also mitigates pollution caused by the gaseous emissions and liquid leakage from landfills and other MSW containment sites. Each plant also uses Clark’s technology toproduce clean water for irrigation, industrial use, or drinking water.

Water treatment solutions

Netzero creates projects that utilize net zero (as well as net negative) water consumption practices via proven water recycling and filtration technologies. As an example of these applications, hydroponic vertical farming units can be placed anywhere on the planet including industrial desert regions that do not have access to large amounts of water. Our facilities purify local non-potable water to a potable state, which we replicate project to project–resulting in less than 1% water consumption (in comparison to traditional technologies). Our proven technology reutilizes waste streams to produce energy and generate multiple streams of revenue that lead to increased profitability. This methodology of water recycling and filtration contributes to NZE green label organic certifications, opening the doors for high-volume distribution throughout upper-quality organic food vendors all over the world.

Organic food

Net Zero Enterprises creates indoor, closed-loop vertical farming solutions that are able to produce high quality foods that meet growing international food demands. In addition, our projects consume less than 1% of the water that traditional farming methods do. Our solutions increase shelf life, eliminate the need for pesticide, increase yield of production, decrease the length of a traditional farming growth cycle, and can be applied in any environmental condition on the planet


Net Zero Enterprises implements several technologies in order to improve efficiency and output of energy and biofuels. In all of the cases, technologies are clustered together and the environment is taken into primary consideration. Some of these technologies are:

  • Waste to energy
  • Utility grade solar farms
  • Wind farms
  • Biodigestors
  • Hydropower

Netzero is capable of producing a high quality output (even jet fuel grade) by utilizing feedstock or a waste stream

Building systems

A net zero construction means it is either energy self-sustained or provides more energy than it consumes. Netzero focuses on both commercial and residential land development with the following common denominators:

  • Moisture resistant
  • Superior fire resistance
  • Thermal & sound insulation with R values up to R50
  • Sustainable - built to last for centuries with a net zero environmental impact
  • Termite, mold and mildew free
  • Healthy and allergy free homes



Getting Started

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How To Buy NetZero Tokens

If you are new to ICOs or have never purchased any crypto currency, please click on the link below and follow the steps to get started.

Getting Started

If you already have Ethereum or when you do have Ethereum and are ready to purchase NetZero Tokens, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to and create a new account.

Step 2: Transfer the amount of Ethereum you want to use to buy NetZero Tokens to your myetherwallet account.

Step 3: When you have the Ethereum in your myetherwallet, transfer the amount of Ethereum you want to use to buy NetZero Tokens to the wallet address below:

Step 4: Send the TRANSACTION ID to, and please mention in the email from which country you are.

Receiving Your NetZero Tokens

You will receive your NetZero Tokens within 1 week. The tokens will ONLY be transferred to your myetherwallet. You will need to do a small set up process to receive and see your tokens. Go to your myetherwallet and click "Add Custom Token" and enter the details below into the fields you will see.

Contract Address:

Token Symbol:NETZ




Bitcoin Payments:

If you prefer to pay using Bitcoin directly, please send the bitcoins to the following address:


Kim Forssell
Chairman & CEO

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Anders Lennartsson
President, Americas

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Li Nam
President, Asia

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Anpan Thiages
President, Africa & India

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Ron Sleight
President, Waste 2 Energy

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Lucas Nelson
Senior Vice President, Business Development

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Giorgi Batiashvili
Lead Developer

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Antoun Toubia
Investor & Chairman, United Capital Investments

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Regional Manager, United Capital Investments

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  • Is there an ICO pre-sale for NetZero?

    Yes, the pre-sale is open now with special deals / bonuses. Please contact us.

  • How can I participate?

    It is easy to participate. Simply follow the instructions on this site or contact us to arrange large purchase deals.

  • How are funds from the ICO going to be used?

    The funds will be used to further develop and increase the size if the Net Zero Enterprises portfolio of projects.

  • How long does it take to receive my tokens?

    Tokens are usually distributed within 36 hours after payment received.

  • Will NetZero have a counter measure against possible dumping?

    Yes, Net Zero will set aside a reserve to be used as a counter measure.

  • How many tokens will be made available in total?

    There will be a total of 400,000,000 NETZ.

  • What will be the token price and bonuses during the ICO?

    The tokens will be sold in blocks.
    1st Block - 200,000 Million Token Sold at $0.55 Cents (Bonus is 30%).
    2nd Block - 100,000 Million Token Sold at $0.85 Cents (Bonus is 25%).
    3rd Block - 80,000,000 Million Token Sold at $1.15 Cents (Bonus is 20%).
    4th Block - 60,000,000 Million Token Sold at $1.45 Cents (Bonus is 15%).

  • Are funds withheld until milestones are reached?

    Funds are used immediately for the growth of the portfolio.

  • Are there any limits or restrictions during the pre-sale?

    Pre-sale hard cap is set at 374,000,000 Million Dollars.

  • What will happen to any unsold tokens at the end of the ICO?

    Any unsold tokens will be burned at the end of the ICO.

  • Will NetZero issue more tokens in later stages?

    There are no plans to issue more tokens at later stages.

  • Where and when can I sell my tokens?

    Net Zero tokens will be listed on major exchanges soon after the ICO ends.